「服務他人是你住地球應該付出的租金。」– 穆罕默德‧阿里 (拳擊手)
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." -- Muhammad Ali, Boxer



台裔人士在矽谷的數位產業舞台上,向來不缺戲份,從Yahoo創辦人楊致遠,到Nvidia的黃仁勳,近年又多了一個Zappos的謝家華。 網路賣鞋起家的Zappos,2009年被亞馬遜收購,創辦人謝家華身價立刻水漲船高,晉身財星雜誌年輕富豪榜。 但Zappos最為人津津樂道的,卻是獨特的管理哲學-堅持合則留,不合則去的自律規範,徹底打破傳統管理架構,贏來兩極化評價。



a) 優渥的

b) 敏捷

c) 遣散費


Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has done it again. As if the service-first-profit-later business model that defined the company's early success were not radical enough, Hsieh for the past couple of years has been pushing for a flat structure within the 16-year-old online retailer. Unconventional? You bet, but even more unconventional than the organizational reform itself is the way he did it: by offering a) a handsome sum, 3 months' pay to be exact, to workers who wouldn't stay and accept such a drastic managerial change.


Zappos執行長謝家華又出招了。 在早期不計成本、客服至上的險招致勝之後,謝家華過去一兩年又積極在這家有16年歷史的企業內部推行無階級組織架構。離經叛道?確實,但比組織改革本身還要標新立異的,是他加速改革的方式,竟然是提供3個月薪資的優渥離職金,給不願留下接受管理變革的員工。


The incentive was apparently too great to miss out, since a total of 210 employees have reportedly chosen to 1) part ways with Zappos when the 2) dust settled. According to The Washington Post, 14% of Zappos' 1500 workforce handed in their resignations before the offer expired. Although an improving job market and the monetary gain could both be factors in the quitters' calculations, the idea of a fully autonomous office without clear job descriptions is perhaps understandably not to the taste of everyone.




The self-managed organization that Hsieh 3) subscribed to is a relatively novel trend in cooperate governance called "Holacracy." It aims to differentiate from most top-down systems by eliminating the management level and the titles associated with it, creating instead “circles,” or project teams, within the company to boost b) agility and worker creativity.


Zappos 所信奉的自我管理概念,是一個近年才興起的的公司治理潮流,叫做「全體共治」,其目的是與傳統由上而下的管理制度做出區別,完全打破管理階層和職稱的束縛,改採所謂的「工作圈」,也就是專案團隊,以提升公司決策的靈活度和員工的創造力。


This isn't the first time Zappos has challenged common practices in the business world. For some time now, new recruits were given the choice to leave with a $2,000 c) severance pay if they felt the jobs was not for them. In the words of a Zappos top executive, the offer “expedites the decision” and it’s good for both parties whatever their choice may be.





1)    part ways with 分道揚鑣

part通常作名詞,「部分」的意思。這裡是當動詞,「分開」的意思。Here I part with you. 我在這裡與你別離」。若是中間再加上一個ways,則又多了一股「道不同不相為謀」的弦外之音。

The team's top player parted ways with the club after numerous rumors of clashes with the management. 球隊的頂尖球星在多次傳出與高層意見不合之後,決定與球團分報揚鑣。


2)    dust settle 塵埃落定,事情平緩下來

Dust settle 字面意思是指塵埃落定。When the dust settles, we will begin sweeping it up. 當灰塵囤積,我們要開始打掃。

Dust settle 另外延伸為事情緩和,平和之意。

When the dust has settled, we can start on new projects. 當這件事告一段落後,我們可以進行下一個計劃了。


3)    subscribe to 認同

subscribe to 大部份用作訂閱、訂購的意思。 She subscribed to the membership for receiving daily newsletters of learning English tips from the company. 她訂閱這間公司的會員為了收到每日學習英文技巧。

Subscribe to 在本文當認同的意思。 The boss doesn’t subscribe to her proposal. 那老闆不認同她的提議。