「服務他人是你住地球應該付出的租金。」– 穆罕默德‧阿里 (拳擊手)
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." -- Muhammad Ali, Boxer

你知道有fast food,fast company,那你知道fast fashion嗎?Zara、Uniqlo、H&M這些「快速時尚」讓流行從伸展台走到你的衣櫃。傳統時尚追求經典、高貴,從設計師設計出一件服飾,到配送至店面,流程長達9個月。快速時尚縮短生產時程,貨品上架速度快,商品樣式時髦又流行,更重要的是,價位合理,人人買得起。我們來看看這個新興產業新的行銷模式。請先想想如何表達以下單字:


a)  買得起的

b)  零售店

c)  一味地、義無反顧的


For quite a while, we have no longer walked through our lives – we run and rush and speed up in order to make everything happen on time. We have fast food, speed dating, quick one-stop-shops, convenient stores with instant noodles and instant coffee, drive through take-outs, speed dialing and fast fashion.


有多久了我們不再悠哉度日,匆匆忙忙變成常態。每件事情都要準時:我們吃速食、速配式的約會 、在”一站式商店” 購物、便利商店買泡麵和即溶咖啡 、"得來速"點外帶、打電話撥快速鍵,因此有了快速時尚,看來也理所當然。


Fast fashion is a contemporary term expressing movement from couture catwalks to affordable (a) chain stores. Its main purpose is to capture current fashion trends. Fast fashion clothing collections are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at Fashion weeks. These clothes are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to buy current styles at a lower price. The popular fast fashion retailers (b) include H&M, Zara, Uniqlo…, etc.


「快速時尚」是應時的字眼, 代表著時尚的趨勢,相對於時裝伸展台的經典、昂貴,這是人人負擔得起的連鎖平價服裝店。快速時尚的流行來自於時裝週上展示的新款式,最新款式在極短時間內被設計、和生產,一般大眾可以快速和低廉的價位享受最新流行。快速時尚受歡迎的品牌包含我們耳熟能詳的: H&M 、Zara、Uniqlo 等知名品牌。


Marketing is the key driver of fast fashion. For example, Zara compressedthe traditional annual and seasonal cycles into 1one week. Marketing strategies include advertising and visual merchandising to create and instantly hook. The instant hook creates an enjoyable shopping experience, resulting in the continuous return of customers.


行銷是快速時尚的推手。像Zara把傳統一年或一季的生產週期壓縮到一周,原來商店都是換季才有新品,新的周期讓商家每周都有新品上市,加上廣告和商品陳設創造出速度感,吸引顧客上門。 這種速度感帶動歡愉的購物經驗, 讓客人一再回籠。


Meanwhile, computer technology transformed the entire process, enabling retailers to design, manufacture and ship products much easer and more efficiently.  A relentless(c) drive for speed now characterizes the industry. Customers can now easily see the latest fashions online and have become conditioned to expect a constant stream of trendy new styles from retailers.


同時,電腦科技也改變了整個生產流程,使零售商從設計、 生產到裝運產品更容易和更有效率。 如今這個行業的特色就是一味地求“快”。客戶現在也可以很容易上網看到最新時尚,並已習慣性地期待從零售商端源源不斷的新款式和新潮流。


Fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 might be threatened by customers who preferquality over2quantity. The new generation of consumers is increasingly adopting a "buy less but better" philosophy, reports Elizabeth Holmes at The Wall Street Journal. Many teens are also more concerned with having a new iPhone than a name brand t-shirt. The simple fact is that much fast fashion doesn’t survive more than a few washings.


快速時尚品牌如 H & M 和 Forever 21 , 將會受到某些重視質料勝於數量的顧客群所威脅。新一代的消費者,越來越多地採取 “買少但更好“的觀念,伊莉莎白 • 霍姆斯《華爾街日報 》報導。許多青少年對於新的 iPhone甚至比名牌 T恤還在意。 簡單的事實是-快速時尚經不住幾次的洗滌。




1    compressed into 壓縮到

compress 這個字包含了com- (一起) press (壓) = 把事物都壓在一起,壓縮、濃縮的意思。He compressed his report into three pages.  他把報告壓縮到三頁。


2    prefer X over Y 一喜歡X勝過Y

一般熟悉的用法是prefer to;美國人在口語上也喜歡用prefer over。

We prefer cooperation over competition with them. 與其和他們競爭,倒不如與他們合作。